Leveraging Explore&Query

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Projects (semantic technology, content aggregation, media, knowledge base, etc.) requiring access to triple store/NoSQL and aiming to gather and connect data from multiple sources including, but not limited to, social networks and other sources available as internet of things and data graphs; integrate (in-house and sponged) date and make it available for consumption, by on-the-fly entailed schema-last and, possibly, aligned to a a priori ontology.

We offer training in using our Explore&Query that enable analysts to become SPARQL experts without knowing SPARQL. We posses in-depth knowledge of SPARQL, data integration and data analysis, therefor we can guide you in a pedagogical way through a set of real life examples where we reveal to you how our query builder works and you’ll see how your queries grow in sophistication by intuitively visiting the linked data nodes, adding and refining filters and obtaining precise quantitative results from seemingly unstructured data.

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You may want to have a look at one tutorial:


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Explore&Query tutorial
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