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DBpedia search with Explore & Query – New revolutionary visual search method in Semantic Web

If the vision of Semantic Web would become a reality, then the casual user needs to be able to construct semantic search queries as easy as it is to type the search string in current web search engine portals. DBPedia allows us to submit advanced structured semantic queries against the information in Wikipedia and to get answers to quite complex questions about the world.
I certainly do agree with what DBpedia says about itself — it has the potential to revolutionize the access to this valuable knowledge source that Wikipedia is providing today to millions of people.

Lets look at the example: Find all soccer players, who played as goalkeeper for a club that has a stadium with more than 40.000 seats and who are born in a country with more than 10 million inhabitants.
As a Google user all you need is an empty text field where you type in your keywords. As a user of DBpedia or any other linked data portal you also most often face an empty text box: http://dbpedia.org/sparql

I suggest everyone to try how long time would it take – or if you manage at all — to write this query which actually returns valid results. I am quite certain that just to get started, to explore what classes and properties are available, which ones contain the information relevant to this query, will take significant time from you (unless you are not the creator of this ontology or haven’t worked in DBPedia project).

Well — I am not but I am still interested to get to know about football goalkeepers, and lets see if and how fast will I manage to pull out this list – and do even more.

Vinge Free has invented a new patent pending method for building semantic queries.
We call it Explore & Query.

Lets me use this video and demonstrate how it works.

DBpedia search
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DBpedia search
An illustration of Vinge Free's, patent pending, structured search. This demonstration uses the faceted search available from TIBCO Spotfire.