BI consolidation

Excel is used by everyone but it’s slow, limited and cumbersome

Excel is standard issue in our company because we haven’t found anything better for that price. Excel is a non-agile tool that isn’t optimal for sharing visual analyzing. To create a diagram or pivot may be something non-trivial and may take a significant development effort that may never be reused. The amount of data it can handle is limited too. The data it can work with must be cleaned before. The way we share by exchanging the flat files is cumbersome and we have serious update and versioning issues. Ad-hoc visualization, slicing and drilling is not among those things my analysts can easily do with Excel. On the other hand – investing into special heavy BI systems does not appeal to us either. We need something agile, lightweight, flexible, scaling and cost effective for the enterprise BI consolidation.

Solution from Vinge Free.