Agile Semantic Web Mashup

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Utilize web crawling, triplification and aggregation as sources to  Dat-a-MazeHouse backed custom solutions that extract, integrate and infer facts based on dynamically changes, enterprise data and customers’ priorities to analyze and understand the world, aka, an Agile Semantic Web Mashup.

We employ several technologies to turn the Internet into the ultimate database of relevant facts:

  • OpenLink Virtuoso Sponger: extraction of facts from both semantically-annotated and unstructured  web resources
  • RDF-aware content aggregators
  • Structured mashup enablers.

Typical applications:

  • Consumer-level, thematically-organized rich GUI:s, combined with social media access
  • Real-time analytics mashups that combine Internet web aggregation and BI
  • Enterprise-class mashups, that bring in enterprise data, collaboration, on-demand data resources activation, in a secure environment.