Vinge Free’s product Dat-a-MazeHouse encapsulates experience and R&D thus solving data warehouse and data analysis problems that hinder these disciplines to perform agile. Our patent pending algorithms and methods are united into a data integration and migration product that is able to unify data from heterogeneous sources. Our platform provides the user, for a specific question or hypothesis the user wants to test, with the means to search, clean and align data; the user may infer implicit facts, shortcut through and exclude unnecessary information. At the end of an analytic cycle the user may query a well-formed dataset that could then be fed into any data analysis tool.

One important point is that the search for an answer may fail, as the user’s data set may not contain any value pertinent to the user’s question or that the posed hypothesis is simply false. In such a case, our platform helps users fail fast and cheap.

The entire analytic cycle we support is agile as a consequence of the fact that users may run their own race independent of each other and so being able to concentrate on their own particular concerns without the need for company-wide coordination efforts.