What we do

Relational Data Warehouses became dominant in the 1980s, and reflected the business climate of that era. Successful solutions required early, detailed knowledge about customer requirements, costly ETL development and slow-changing schema designs.

For today’s Big Data projects, these approaches often translate to massive, multi-year investments that lag behind business needs.

At Vinge, we focus on dynamic database evolution rather than the static, waterfall-driven methods. Our flagship product is Dat-a-MazeHouse, which easily integrates new information types and sources, supports high data volumes and embraces complexity. Our patent pending utilization method of semantic technologies to support Agile development processes deliver usable solutions in a fraction of the time needed for traditional technology.

Semantic databases build on open standards from W3C. Initial semantic applications included multi-website database integration, with today’s biggest deployments in healthcare and government intelligence. These domains involve massive data sets that move too quickly for traditional tools, and users who want to create complex queries with minimal IT help.

What we can do?

We can bootstrap a data warehouse in a week compared to the industry average of 6 months
There are two kinds of pains for companies when dealing with data analysis:
  • Integrating different internal and external data sources into clean, linked and coherent data view available for being queried with structural languages – faster and in a much more cost-effective way than is typically done today.
  • Making the analysts construct those queries which return the data sets needed to answer each question, without support from the team of database experts and IT specialists.

With our Query Builder tool companies can empower analysts and boost their performance tenfold or more – and save significantly in development costs
Vinge Free has solutions for both of these pains:
  • We provide a method of Agile Analytics supported by a Semantic Data Warehouse product.
  • We have invented a novel visual method called Explore & Query, which allows the analysts to discover data models and construct queries without learning the query language or studying the definitions of database schemas.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, our track record and how we can add value to your business.