Vision and goals

Vinge Free is a company founded by Jürgen Kerstna and Tudor Cristea in Stockholm, Sweden, in April 2013.

Our goal is to build an international grown company in the domain of data integration and data migration. This is a wide term and more specifically our technology is suitable to provide solutions in following areas:

  • Data warehousing
  • Data preparation for BI
  • Big Data challenge
  • Ingestion, integration and semantic transformation of social media data into analyzable data sets
  • The promise of Web 3.0 – the Semantic Web, Web of Data.

Our technology scales for different sizes of customers and data. The focus of our technology is handling the challenge of Semantics (the meaning of data) and not Mechanics (structure and size), but not at the cost of the mechanics. Quite contrary – our technology is capable of handling Big Data without ignoring to support its semantics.

The common denominator of applying our technology in different areas is making Agile Analytics available for end users, which is essentially the promise of data warehouses and Big Data. Building on our current framework, we can create tools targeting specific analytics needs for industry verticals, e.g. finance, medical, government, where each spin-off may provide its own income stream.

With our technology the companies can

  • Clean up their data silo mess and be able to analyze it
  • Build new data warehouse many times faster and cheaper than with traditional methods and leading products
  • Fix the problems in their current data warehouse systems
  • Fail fast if their data is useless or their hypothesis are wrong
  • Make social data in the web concerning the company analyzable.