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This company was created from a feeling of vexation with the situation in data analysis, from the sensation of “missing link”, like when you want to read a book that was never written. So we thought to write that book and so Vinge Free was born…

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Vinge Free AB,

Organisationsnummer (corporate registration number, as per Swedish Companies Registration Office): 556927-9317

VAT ID: SE556927931701

Address: Vallbostrand 1 M,



Phone: +46 70 618 75 72

Jürgen Kerstna,

is a Software Solutions Architect, hickory golfer and entrepreneur. He is originally from Estonia but has lived in Stockholm, Sweden since 1995. Jürgen has spent most of his professional career in medical devices industry. He worked 11 years for pacemaker company St. Jude Medical, where his activities spanned over multiple areas: platform & framework architecture of medical systems, standards based connectivity and interoperability (championed St.Jude at IHE, IEEE and HL7), mobile remote monitoring and Personal Health Record systems, clinical data analytics system creation by applying Semantic Technologies. Jürgen left St.Jude Medical as a Senior Principal Software Engineer and co-founded Vinge Free. As a hobby adventure Jürgen is running a small pay & play golf course in his native Estonia to share his love to this wonderful sport.

Tudor Cristea,

is a software engineer and entrepreneur living with his wife in a rural suburb north of Stockholm, co-founder of Vinge Free AB. As a consultant he executed assignments within systems integration, data quality, risk management and dependability, with clients from engineering, finance and banking, computer services, media and medical sectors. In what spare time is left, he supervises the building of a new house, fixes his current one, manages his investments and reads maths and physics.